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This Is The #1 Way To Make a Man Desire You

It seems that a lot of women think the men are basically just a gland and that if they put tumbsupon a sexy outfit, spend some quality time at the make-up table and have great looking butt, legs, or breasts, then men will desire them.

Hmmm…Okay, so maybe that would get some desire, but hold the fort.  This is may be what would make some men want you, but it would be on a very superficial level and that whole scene will get very tiresome, very quickly. Plus, This is not the way to make a man desire you for the long haul. It only works for getting attention.

What Really Makes A Man Desire a Woman

I am going to reveal to you men’s deepest need and then show you ways you can easily use that need to make him nearly go mad over you.  If you drill down to the core of any man, what he needs and want most in a woman is to be admired by her.

Woman want to be desired and men want to be admired.  This is important so I’ll say it again: Woman want to be desired and men want to be admired.

In just a minute I will show you how to use this knowledge about men to make a man desire you.

Do It Right

Let me tell you a true story about how NOT to admire a man.  Then I will show you easy simple ways to use his need to be admired to make him obsessively desire you.

When I was much younger and doing the dating thing, I met a pretty young woman and we hit it off pretty well.  She invited me to dinner one evening at her house.

As it so happened when I was getting ready, I saw one of my sisters tabloids lying open on the bathroom counter.  The headline caught my eye.  It was something like, “12 Things To Say To a Man To Make Him Fall For You.”  Curious, I began reading and one of the things it said was to ask the guy if he wore colored contacts or if that were really the color of his eyes.

I flipped aside the magazine and finished my preparations and headed out.  When I arrived at her apartment, she was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on spaghetti and meatballs.

As we sat there eating, she looked a bit nervous and then she suddenly looked at me and said, “Do you wear colored contacts or are those your real eyes.”

My toes curled.  Not only had she used the line from the tabloid, in her nervousness she’d actually asked me if my eyes were my real ones.  It was at that moment that I recalled another piece of advise from the tabloid: Invite the guy to a homemade dinner at your house.

You Are Not The Hunter

Needless to say, I ran like heck.  I felt like I was being hunted and that is, as my storied Grandfather would say, “bass Ackwards.”

Men are born hunters and warriors at heart and even though the currently popular advice says women can take that role also, the results will never be very good if you want a guy to desire you.

Alright, how do you go about using a mans need to be admired to get him to desire you?

Start by watching this video.  Click—> Watch This Video!