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How To Make A Man Attracted To You

Want to how to make a man attracted to you?

how to attract a manOkay, so a bunch of scientists at Syracuse University decided to find out ways to attract a man, ways that women could put to use in a simple straight forward technique. Hmmm…well, I don’t know how scientific attracting a man is and I don’t put a lot of stock in experts until they I can verify their expertise but here is 2 ways they came up with.

Body Language Can Attract a Man

This is sort of a no brainer. These scientists say a man’s initial attraction to a woman is often due to her physical appearance—ya’ think—and her body language. The physical appearance is pretty obvious, but attraction alone isn’t love and the body language part is pretty interesting and worth exploring. The trick in how to make a man attracted to you, they say, is to be subtle with your body language and give him non-verbal messages even before you actually talk to him. I am not sure exactly what these scientists had in mind since they didn’t provide a guide to body language to interest a man. In my opinion they are simply talking about the old-fashioned flirting. I also know that if you lightly touch him now and then—don’t be obvious, just a casual brush against him— it signals to him that you admire him which is a huge attractant for him. Again, don’t overdo this or he will run In a moment I will show you a super powerful and easy way to nearly kill a man with desire for you but first let me show you what else I’ve discovered.

Here’s Something Else I Found About Making a Man Attracted to You

In a book called Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship I read the following:

“we naturally blink faster when we are emotionally excited. Bat those eyelashes to let him know you’re interested without saying a word.”

I also read that you should

“lean toward whatever – or whomever – they find most important at the time,”

I guess that you could try leaning toward him when you were near him or listening to what he had to say.

Copy Him

These scientists also claim that people are attracted to people who are like them. Time out! At this point let me warn you not to try to become something you aren’t just to attract a guy. First of all, it will be hard to do, difficult to maintain and impossible to carry off for the long run. Your best bet is to discover what you have in common with him and if it is enough then you can exploit those commonalities. Having said that, you can still use this technique when meeting a guy for the first time to attract him and then as your relationship evolves, you can learn ways to keep him attracted to you.

The Chameleon Effect

When you are first drawn to him, employ the “chameleon effect”—a term I stole from Love Signals. Basically you mirror some of his actions. If he sets his glass down then set yours down. If he leans back in his chair, lean back in yours. Please don’t be too obvious or else he’ll think you are creepy. The scientists discovered that “it’s not just mimicking of movements that indicate interest, but also timing. If he moves from slouching to sitting up straight, a few seconds later do the same.”

Here’s how you could use this to attract a man

When you use the “chameleon effect”, take a drink a few second after he drinks, Rest you hands on the table in a manner similar to the way he has his hands on the table. Take noteattract him like chameleon of his phrases and words then use them later on in the conversation. You need to copy him fairly soon after he has completed an action or said a phrase or else it won’t sync in his subconscious, but you can be too obvious. All of this copying won’t do you any good if there isn’t a core of similarity in your natures. If you are from totally different backgrounds and have totally different values then give it up right away. You don’t have to be carbon copies of each other, that would be a big drag, but you need to share similar values and at least a few similar interests, but each from your own perspective. If you have similar values both in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm and have at least a few joint interests, then this copying technique might be just the ticket to start a relationship There are powerful and easy to use ways to attract any man and as I promised here is a video that you need to see to get started.


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How To Attract A Man