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Do you know men?

Make Him Want You

quote…you want to know how to Make Him Want You?  Then understand that he is lying to you…closequote

make him love youHE IS LYING TO YOU, in fact every guy you have ever dated has been lying to you and if you ever want to make him want you, then you need to know the truth.  The truth that he has lied to you about

I hope you believe me, but if you don’t then watch just take a look at THIS!

Make Him Want You Immediately

Modern culture portrays men as tongue dragging, bumbling idiots every time a pretty skirt walks by.  While it is true that men are visual what they really want, they will never tell you and appearance alone is not what will make him want you over the long haul.

Men are afraid that if they reveal to much of themselves they will let people down and they are afraid to be honest with women about the way they really feel and think.  In fact these lies work against men because women never really know how to make men want them because of it.

If you want a guy to want you immediately then you need to break through his lies to the truth.  In a secret survey men revealed the truth about themselves, their wants and what would make him want you.

Make Him Want You Beyond Your Appearance

While appearances  may be a great bait and hook, his desire for you will not last long if there is nothing behind the looks to stoke the flames and the biggest single way to get his fires burning and make him want you so bad it hurts is to make him feel good.

But if you have no idea of the way he really feels and what his true desires are or what his worst fears are then you can’t begin to create desire in him for you since you are aiming at the wrong target.

“Babay Im-a want you”

If you can make a man feel good about himself then you will make him want you because every man wants things that makes him feel good about himself.  It isn’t really that hard once you know the truth about what would make him feel good, otherwise you are following lies about what makes him tick.

The more you listen to a man the more he will reveal to you what he is passionate about and what he loves but he will rarely reveal this directly and it can take patients and time unless you have an inside source.

Once you have identified what his passions and loves are then look for simple ways to compliment him on those things.  Maybe it is as simple as his car, or his athletic ability, whatever it is just notice it and give him genuine compliments.

Being genuine is important, so if he really loves his Harley, then look at it yourself and see what you like about it.  Then tell him.

When used correctly, compliments  have 10 times more power than nagging and criticism.

Feeling Good about You

Don’t let you physical appearance lag no matter how long you have been with him this will go a long way to make him want you.  When you care about your appearance it makes him feel good about you.

Another way to make him feel good about you is for you to learn how men communicate.  They do not understand the hints and body language you and your girlfriends use to communicate with each other.  They are straight forward creatures.  Let them know in plain English what makes you happy.  Trust me, they will respond because every man wants to please his women.

If a man can please his woman, he will feel good about her.  Never use sighs, eye rolling, or nagging to try to communicate to him that he is not meeting your needs.  If you are feeling resentful because he is not helping enough around the house, your resentment probably springs from the fact that his actions are telling your that he doesn’t care about you.

In this case you should just talk with him and say something along the lines of, “Hey Honey, do you know what would make me feel so loved and happy?  It would be if you could do the dishes each evening and pick up around the living room.”  Notice that you are giving him something concrete to do and not just a general, “Won’t you help me around the house more.”

When he does these things be sure to let him know how happy it makes you.  Even though it is a temptation to want him to want to do things for you, don’t assume he has a clue as to what you really want.  That is why he lies about his feelings and desires.

I Want To Be a Macho Man

Every man wants room for a little machismo in his life.  We live in a society where everything male is looked down on or at least dismissed as silly or insignificant.  If you allow for your man to do some man things it will make him want you all the more.

One of the things my wife learned was that men speak in conclusions whereas women talk through their thought processes.  When she realized this she backed off when I wanted to mull things over.  This was such a relief to me and made her all the more sexy to me.

So if you want to make him desire you, you need to make him feel good.  Make him feel good about himself.  Make him feel good about about you and make him feel good about his male identity.

The fastest way to make him want you is to know the truths about how he feels and what he wants, but he isn’t going to tell you.  You need to find out WHY HE LIES!

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