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Two Weird Ways To Make Him Suddenly Desire You

The first step maybe a little weird, but it works very well at making him feel impulsive love for you.

Tune yourself to his frequency

make him desire youOkay, so you want him to feel an intense, addictive love for you but you don’t know how to go about it. The trick is, to get yourself to become tuned to him emotionally.

In other words, you need to be emotionally in-tune or in harmony with him by connecting to the emotional side of him rather than his logical side.

Too many women try to approach a man logically. They think, a man will like me for the way I dress or cook so if I dress sexy and cook great meals I can convince them to desire me.

This never works in the long run because you’re missing one of the most important things. This missing piece of the puzzle is emotion!

Everyone of us has met or knows a woman who can get any guy to go absolutely nuts over her. She can get them to do the craziest and often the most embarrassing actions just to please her.

At the same time we also know or have met or know a woman who seems to do things just right, still, she doesn’t seem to be able to even garner the slightest bit of attention from any man let alone the one she desperately desires.

What makes the difference between the first and second woman?

The answer is pretty simple, the first woman gets the important idea of tuning herself emotionally with a man and this mean she’s able to get that man to dance to her drumbeat. This happens while all the other women around her are struggling, and trying very hard, but never succeeding.

In the final accounting, you’ll always be trying and failing with men, unless you can get yourself emotionally in-tune with them. If you can’t understand how to do this, you will be wasting your time and never getting anywhere.

I will show you a super simple way to do this in just a few minutes but first let me give you the second weird thing you need to do.

Weird Thing Number 2

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Make yourself a legend in his mind.  You heard me, make yourself a valuable asset to him.  Do you think diamonds are expensive because they sparkle and are pretty?  If that were the case then Christmas Tree trimmings would cost a fortune.

Diamonds are expensive because they are rare, hard to find, and hard to get.  Are you a diamond to him or are you a piece of tinsel.  I see women everyday who constantly sell themselves short and then complain about how horrible men are.  Don’t give yourself away.

There is an art to being coy and you need to learn it and fight the impulse to appear too eager to have him.  Men are hunters by nature and they will pursue what they desire.  This doesn’t mean that you ignore him, but just give him enough of a taste to awaken his desire.  This will start making him desire you.

Be The Pot Of Gold

When was a kid I saw a rainbow over the fields where we lived.  Since I could obviously see where it touched the earth, I thought I’d head out and grab the pot of gold.  Actually, I didn’t believe that there was a pot of gold, but I do remember thinking how much fun it would be to play around in all that color.

After about 30 minutes of walking I realized that the rainbow was no closer and that I would never reach it.  You need to be sort of like the rainbow, keep in his sight but never let him fully catch you.Get emotionally in-tune with him and then be his rainbow and you will make him desire you.

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