Women Men Desire: How To Make A Guy Desire You, Keep Him Interested In You

How To Make A Guy Desire You

Okay, so you want someone to desire you or maybe youmake-a-aguy-desire-you-image want to make him desire you again.  Welcome to the club and while it may seem mysterious, it isn’t really that hard to become a women men desire, if you are willing to put some effort into it.

First of all you need to understand your own personality type.  Are you out going or are you an introvert.  Can you talk to strangers easily or are you on the shy side.

Be honest, because you can use each of these personalities to make someone desire you and keep them interested in you.

What Men Desire In Women

To become a women that men desire you must first understand what men desire in the opposite sex and then how your personality type can best be exploited to your advantage.

Men and women, basically desire the same things in a relationship only the priorities of these things are in different orders.  For instance, a man is visual by nature and can be turned on sexually in a instant, whereas most women need to feel loved and secure first, before they become aroused.

Both genders want emotional and physical intimacy, but in different orders.  So when you set out to get a man to want you, you need to become a women that that man would want.

What Men Really Want

Contrary to popular belief men do not want sexually promiscuous mates.  Sure, they may enjoy them as a side dish, but they never seek them for long-term relationships.

Men want women with a little mystery to them, they want a women who doesn’t give it all away.  To make him want you, you will have to learn how to be coy.  Look it up.

Men Want Women With A Little Vulnerability

Remember women want to be desired, but men want to be admired.  If you want him to want you, you need to give him room to be your hero and you need to make it as genuine as possible.

If you admire a man often, he will desire you deeply.  Find out what he is proud of and stroke his ego now and then.

Men Want An Intelligent Woman

If the man you want to desire you doesn’t want an intelligent woman, then be an intelligent woman and drop him quickly.

A secure man, loves to have a woman who he can converse with.  One who understands him and can partner with him.  In the end, if you play dumb to impress a man, your relationship with his will be short lived.

So, learn to understand your personality, use it to your advantage.  Don’t give everything away to a man.  Keep a little mystery.

Admire your man often and the guy will desire you and keep interested in you.  If he is an ex, this is how to make him desire you again.


Christian Walker is a free-lance writer and researcher.  If you want to learn more about making a man desire you read the review of Alex Carter’s Book Make Him Desire You

Make Him Desire You Spell Really?

Make Him Desire You SpellI was looking through some webpages the other day when I came across a make him desire you spell. As I read about the spell I began to laugh.  I laughed until I realized that a lot of people take this stuff seriously. They think they can cast some kind of spell on a man to get him to desire them– Nothing could be further from the truth.

The only thing a make him desire you spell will benefit is the person who is perpetuating the scam. If you come across something like this and you wish for someone to desire you don’t buy it.  You’re better off without relying on something that is more fictional than fact.

Spells Are Gimmicks

Spells are gimmicks and gimmicks will never get you what you want. In order to attract a man or to be desirable to a man you must be genuine and not try to be something that you are not. In fact, I would say at this point that if you plan on wanting a man to desire you and you have to twist yourself into much of a pretzel in order to do that. It just isn’t worth it.

Spells like a make him desire you spell should be put in the trash heap along with other gimmicks such as cute sayings that are suppose to make him want you. There are people who actually will sell you entire booklets full of sayings that are suppose to make a guy want you. Don’t waste your money.  He’ll see through it quicker than lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Much Easier Ways To Make Him Desire You

There are much easier ways to get a guy to want you. The trick is trying to get a guy to desire you in a way that you want him to desire you. For this you need to learn how to make yourself desirable. We’re not talking lustful attraction for one night fling type of desire but a lasting desire that will turn into a lifelong relationship that will be fulfilling and rich.

In order for this to happen, you must never resort to spells, gimmicks, or tricks because these will always fail and backfire in the end.

A good place for you to start is to take a piece of paper and write down a list of qualities you would like to have in a life mate. Once you have that written down, then you’ll be able to know what type of guy to look for. Then you can begin your search in the appropriate place. For instance, if you want a guy who is a steady strong reliable man, looking for him in your local bar may not be such a good idea.

Instead you should go looking for the guy that you want to desire you in places where that type of guy will hang out. For instance, if you want an intellectual type, you might want to hang out at political rallies. If you want a civic minded guy, you might want to volunteer at local charities and see who else might be there.

Once you find a guy that has several of the qualities on your list it’s time to turn the attention to yourself. It’s time to make yourself desirable to that man. If you try to make yourself desirable to a man who is ultimately not compatible with you, it will only result in trouble and if you use gimmicks to make him think you are what you aren’t, then that will fail also.

Find the right guy and then you can use some of the methods in the book make him desire you to get him to want you very bad.


You can learn more about making a man desire you by getting the eBook Make Him Desire You.  Read the review here.

You Can Make Yourself Desirable To Any Man

Make Yourself Desirable

Too many women just sigh and shrug their shoulders when they try but fail to attract the man they want.. They think they can do nothing about getting in him to desire them, that is it beyond their powers and in the hands of fate..

But, hold the fort! Have you ever thought that maybe you can make yourself more desirable? Not to be too crass, but have you ever thought about selling something. If you take that thing, clean it up, maybe paint it and polish it, you make it more desirable and you get a higher price for it.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting that you need any painting or polishing. What I am suggesting, is that you can make yourself more desirable to him, if you understand his wants and desires.

Massage His Ego a Bit

make yourself desireableIn general, the things men desire are ego gratifying experiences. In other words, he likes to have his ego stroked. So if you are the type that is always talking about yourself and your interests, you might try to notice the things he’s interested in and talk about them a bit more.

For instance, if he’s really into Harley Davidson motorcycles, you might notice his motorcycle and how shiny and clean it is. Make sure you genuinely compliment him on it. This will make you more desirable to him immediately. Men are simple that way. Don’t try to over analyze them and don’t think that they think like women do.

Men Want To Be Admired

Remember, we are speaking in generalities here and not specifics. In general, women want to be desired, whereas, men want to be admired. The more you can admire a man or at least making feel admired the more desirable you will be to him. With a little thought and some action you’ll be surprised at how fast you can make a man desire you.

Be Genuine

The key here, is to be genuine. Men can spot flattery from a mile away. Make sure the things you complimented him on are things that you really admire about him.

Another thing that will make most men feel admired is if their women need them. Now before we go too far, we are not talking about being a needy woman! If a man feels you’re needy, all is lost.

What we are talking about here, is genuine need. Perhaps it is a need for security or maybe a need for fixing things around the house. In any case, make sure it is a real need and make sure you tell him how much you admire him for it. This will get him burning with desire for you.

Maintain Your Independence

Now let me clarify things a bit. Be a strong, independent woman but allow him to help you where you need help. That is the secret.

Remember, these are general principles and there is a lot of specific things that we don’t have room to discuss here. The bottom line is, you have the power to make yourself desirable to almost any Man you wish. All you have to do is learn how.

If You Want Him To Desire You, Don’t Do This

Don’t Do This If You Want Him To Desire You

You may think that fate holds the key to your romantic future and that there is nothing much you can do to make someone desire you.  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Getting any man to want you is a pretty simple trick once you understand how men think and communicate.  They are much simpler creatures than you could imagine.

They do not have the complex emotional levels or communication modes that women do and this is where many women make a huge mistake.

Make Him Want You NOT Remake Him.

When women think that men communicate the way they do and have the same spectrum of emotions they read things into what men say and do that just isn’t there.  If you want a man to desire you, to really obsess about you then you need to stop reading things into what they say and do.

Men, generally, are pretty straight forward creatures, so getting them to desire you is as simple as making them feel good about themselves.  Men feel good about themselves when they feel a women admires them and that they can take care of them in one way or another.

We are not talking a fakey, eyelash-batting act, but find real things in your life that you appreciate his help and care.  The let him know.

Just The Fact’s Ma’am

Women often want men to want to do things for them and they read into a man’s inattention a lack of desire for them when simply telling a man what pleases you and what you desire will get you the results you want.

For instance, you might like it when a man notices your hair cut.  Women will notice a couple inches cut off your hair, most men won’t.  Instead of feeling bad about him not noticing, tell him you got a haircut and ask him how it looks.

Then let him know how good it makes you feel when he says he loves it.  The bottom line is to understand how men think.  Be direct with them in what they can do to make you feel desired.

Never assume that they communicate and think the same way your girlfriends do.

About The Author

Paul is a free lance writer and author who loves the study of relationships.  You can learn how to make any man desire you visit  Make Him Desire You.

You can read a review of Alex Carter’s Make Him Desire You here.

Do you know men?

Make Him Want You

quote…you want to know how to Make Him Want You?  Then understand that he is lying to you…closequote

make him love youHE IS LYING TO YOU, in fact every guy you have ever dated has been lying to you and if you ever want to make him want you, then you need to know the truth.  The truth that he has lied to you about

I hope you believe me, but if you don’t then watch just take a look at THIS!

Make Him Want You Immediately

Modern culture portrays men as tongue dragging, bumbling idiots every time a pretty skirt walks by.  While it is true that men are visual what they really want, they will never tell you and appearance alone is not what will make him want you over the long haul.

Men are afraid that if they reveal to much of themselves they will let people down and they are afraid to be honest with women about the way they really feel and think.  In fact these lies work against men because women never really know how to make men want them because of it.

If you want a guy to want you immediately then you need to break through his lies to the truth.  In a secret survey men revealed the truth about themselves, their wants and what would make him want you.

Make Him Want You Beyond Your Appearance

While appearances  may be a great bait and hook, his desire for you will not last long if there is nothing behind the looks to stoke the flames and the biggest single way to get his fires burning and make him want you so bad it hurts is to make him feel good.

But if you have no idea of the way he really feels and what his true desires are or what his worst fears are then you can’t begin to create desire in him for you since you are aiming at the wrong target.

“Babay Im-a want you”

If you can make a man feel good about himself then you will make him want you because every man wants things that makes him feel good about himself.  It isn’t really that hard once you know the truth about what would make him feel good, otherwise you are following lies about what makes him tick.

The more you listen to a man the more he will reveal to you what he is passionate about and what he loves but he will rarely reveal this directly and it can take patients and time unless you have an inside source.

Once you have identified what his passions and loves are then look for simple ways to compliment him on those things.  Maybe it is as simple as his car, or his athletic ability, whatever it is just notice it and give him genuine compliments.

Being genuine is important, so if he really loves his Harley, then look at it yourself and see what you like about it.  Then tell him.

When used correctly, compliments  have 10 times more power than nagging and criticism.

Feeling Good about You

Don’t let you physical appearance lag no matter how long you have been with him this will go a long way to make him want you.  When you care about your appearance it makes him feel good about you.

Another way to make him feel good about you is for you to learn how men communicate.  They do not understand the hints and body language you and your girlfriends use to communicate with each other.  They are straight forward creatures.  Let them know in plain English what makes you happy.  Trust me, they will respond because every man wants to please his women.

If a man can please his woman, he will feel good about her.  Never use sighs, eye rolling, or nagging to try to communicate to him that he is not meeting your needs.  If you are feeling resentful because he is not helping enough around the house, your resentment probably springs from the fact that his actions are telling your that he doesn’t care about you.

In this case you should just talk with him and say something along the lines of, “Hey Honey, do you know what would make me feel so loved and happy?  It would be if you could do the dishes each evening and pick up around the living room.”  Notice that you are giving him something concrete to do and not just a general, “Won’t you help me around the house more.”

When he does these things be sure to let him know how happy it makes you.  Even though it is a temptation to want him to want to do things for you, don’t assume he has a clue as to what you really want.  That is why he lies about his feelings and desires.

I Want To Be a Macho Man

Every man wants room for a little machismo in his life.  We live in a society where everything male is looked down on or at least dismissed as silly or insignificant.  If you allow for your man to do some man things it will make him want you all the more.

One of the things my wife learned was that men speak in conclusions whereas women talk through their thought processes.  When she realized this she backed off when I wanted to mull things over.  This was such a relief to me and made her all the more sexy to me.

So if you want to make him desire you, you need to make him feel good.  Make him feel good about himself.  Make him feel good about about you and make him feel good about his male identity.

The fastest way to make him want you is to know the truths about how he feels and what he wants, but he isn’t going to tell you.  You need to find out WHY HE LIES!

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How To Make Him Obsess About You

Make Him Obsess About You

make him desire youWouldn’t it be great if he was really into you instead of just being your friend? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get him to obsess over you? Well, you can if you know how to speak his language.

Not only are there different love languages, but there is also a separate language for guys. Men and women speak different emotional languages and this can be the key to get him or any guy to obsess over you.

Make Him Obsess About You

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Someone once compare guys emotions to 3 paint samples whereas a woman’s emotions were the entire collection of Benjamin Moore’s paint chip wall. The mistake most women make is thinking that their his emotions are like theirs.

Ladies, most guys are pretty simple, straight-forward creatures and trying to communicate with them the way you do with other women will only confuse the heck out of them and make them obsess about getting away from you.

Make Him Obsess About You By Not Reading Way Too Much Into What He Says And Does

When guys say something or do something it is pretty much exactly what they meant to say or do. For instance, never try to communicate with a guy by giving him a look. He won’t have any idea what you are doing and don’t try to interpret his looks to mean anything other than what they are.

Make him obsess about you by understanding him, his desires, and then give him just enough to wet his appetite. Keep a little bit of mystery about you and never give him everything at once or pursue him.

The trick is to use what you know to get him to pursue you. As you speak his language and show him the possibilities of what could be, you will make him obsess over you and want you with all of his heart.

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Make Him Desire You

“If you would like to make HIM  desire you And go nuts over you, then this is the most important page you may ever read!”

What is “Make Him Desire You” all about?make him desire you

This system is designed to give you the ability to make any guy you want, desire you.  It is a pretty well known fact that men and women speak different emotional and romantic languages, so if you want to make him desire you, you need to speak his language. Once you crack that code making any guy desire you will be a breeze.  That is what “Make Him Desire You” is all about.

What Makes “Make Him Desire You” different from all of the other relationship systems?

In one word, RESULTS.  Make Him Desire You gets results fast.  Where other books get into theory and psychology, providing you with generalities about how to deal with men, Make Him Desire You is a concrete, step by step guide that gets you fast results. It quickly teaches you how to “speak” the language and drive any guy crazy with desire for YOU.

Why Should You Read Make Him Desire You?

The honest truth is, you shouldn’t unless you want to make a guy desire you.  In that case it is really good way to learn…

  • How to become emotionally in tune with a guy
  • How to establish yourself as a very valuable asset in his mind
  • How to trigger pleasure hormones in his body
  • Seemingly ridiculous  tricks to make him ache with pure love for you

I should warn you that this material shouldn’t be used as a toy, it is powerful and is intended to be used to establish a long-lasting relationship that you can always keep fresh using these techniques.

Who Will Benefit Most By Make Him Desire You

Lady’s who want to have a guy not only love them, but desire them.  This could be someone who you are dating, someone you broke up with and wish to have back, or it could be someone you are already married to but your relationship lacks the passion and spark it once had. In short Make Him Desire You  is for any lady who wants a man to desire them, not just want to hang around with them, but desire them with a burning passionate love.

The Good And Bad Of Make Him Desire You


  • There is not a hard copy of the material so you need a computer to read it.
  • It can be miss-used because the information is so powerful


  • Make Him Desire You  reveals the secret to how men think and how women can use this knowledge to create a powerful response in them. (They are a lot less complex creatures than women)
  • It gives you the power to not only kindle or rekindle passion, but to keep it going for a very long time to come.
  • It will allow you to get almost any man to desire you rather than you just waiting on the side lines.

The Bottom Line

Make Him Desire You Is a formula that unlocks the power for you to make HIM desire you.  It is designed for women with an honest desire for a long-term relationship that is passionate and exciting. As with any formula, you must put it into action or you get nothing.  If you are looking for a magic potion, or spell that will make a man love you without you putting any effort into it, then leave this page now, because this formula, as powerful as it is, still requires commitment and action from you to make it work. If, on the other hand, you would like a no-nonsense guide on how to make HIM desire you and you are willing to put what you learn into action then Make Him Desire You is definitely for you.

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