How Well Do You Know Men?

know men1. A lot of women assume men will skip over them for the super slim looking woman.

The truth is, most men think the these slim girls would look better with an extra 15 pounds or so on them.

2. Women often do not know what men desire in a woman and they mistakenly think it is solely their appearance.

The truth is, men are super attracted to women who make them feel respected and admired.  If you create these feelings in a man you will have him wrapped around your little finger.

3. Women feel like men don’t care how they look and this bothers them because it reflects poorly them.

The truth is, men do worry about their looks, especially their physiques and they do need reassurance from time to time.

4. Women tend to think that men are egotistical.

The secret here is that many times what woman say to men makes them feel disrespected and not admired and this in turn makes a man insecure and he overcompensates.  This can make them appear egotistical.   Men have know that they should never disparage a woman’s appearance.  If you want to turn off a man disparage a his abilities.

5. Women often feel that their appearance is what makes them desirable to a man.

The truth is most men feel a pair of jeans and mussed up hair is just as much a turn on as pumps and cosmetics. This is also true about body size and shape.  Men are not monolithic in their tastes and, like I said before, if you admire him and make him feel respected, he’s going to adore you.

6. Do men really tell you the truth about the way they feel you look?

Sometimes, but they will never tell you the truth when you ask them how they feel about the way a certain piece of clothes makes you look.  When you ask this, they only answer the question honestly in their heads.  They are going to say out loud what they think you want to here.

7. Men are just impossible to figure out.

The truth is, they are really pretty easy to figure.  The fact is, they are trying all of the time to live up to your expectations and not  their male friend’s expectations.  The more direct you are in expressing what you’d like the more you will get what you like.  Stop being coy about it.

8. Many women believe that men are not romantic

We men won’t always admit it, but we like candle lit baths with soft music almost as much as you women do, especially if you are taking it with us.

9.  Women think all men want is sex.

“Sure, we guys think about it more than women, but we don’t desire it for just the physical pleasure. For us, it isn’t as much about intimacy as it is for women, but it does meet our emotional need for self-confidence.”

10. Women think men are crazy for not asking for directions.
Men want to be challenged by figuring it out by themselves. It adds to their self esteem and gives them a sense of usefulness.

11. Women often feel men don’t listen to them.Do you know men?

Men listen to women but not the way women listen to each other.  Men want the “Reader’s Digest” version because they deal in facts and solutions whereas women put great stock in the talking part.  For women the act of listening is a form of intimacy, for men solving problems is the way they show caring and love.

12. Women can’t figure out why some men struggle when a baby is born in their family.

Men can feel abandoned by their wives when a baby comes into the picture.  Sure, this is probably immature but it is still true for some men.

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