Why Not Get A Great Guy

know menWhen I was a younger guy, I used to try to copy what I believed was a cool macho attitude toward women.  I’d swagger, use really stupid cliched pick-up lines on them.  I once actually said, out loud, to a girl, “If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?”  My toes are curling now just thinking about that.  To top it off, I used to sit and wonder what was wrong with me, why couldn’t I have a girlfriend like other guys did?

I guess we’re all humans—some of us more than others—we all make blunders because we accept mistaken assumptions that we have developed.

These false beliefs make us terribly ignorant of the fact that our miss-informed actions and decisions will lead us to failure!

And guess what? This may not be a disaster in and of itself if we learn from these mistakes learn what not to do next time. Still, don’t you want to NOT make these crazy choices in the first place?

Not only can you get a guy, but you can get a GREAT guy.  Yes, they are out there when you learn to look in the right places and you unlearn all of the myths that have been sabotaging you at every step.

Unlearning is as important as learning

You must start by UNLEARNING all of your incorrect beliefs that inhibit your better judgment.  It is like the first time I bought an old house to flip.  I thought I’d go in and ding it up a bit and then sell it for a good profit.

I spent days just trying to patch up and smooth over holes in the walls and then there were those stains.  I would paint over them a dozen times and like ghosts in a horror movie, they’d show up through the new paint.  This happened even when I used industrial strength primer and stain-block!

p_SCTC_088_04In the end I had to tear out all of the old wall board, rip up all of the old carpet and basically strip the house down to its studs and floor joists, but then it became easy to make the place look brand-new again.  So you need to unlearn or tear out all of your old misconceptions that you have learned about men.

Since these misconceptions are so deeply rooted it is impossible for us to identify them all. Especially since we created them. So what is to be done?

Luckily, it just takes another pair of eyes to see the fallacies that drive us towards perfectly stupid mistakes. I love creating music and I have a small home studio.  I have learned that when I work hard on a song for too long it begins to sound great—the only problem is that it sounds great only to me.  The next day when I cue it up and hit play, crap comes out of the speakers.

You need a fresh perspective and another set of eyes to look at your relationship challenges so visit the link below.

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