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If you have any questions or comments about this site, please feel free to contact me at the following email address:

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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. sir. i really want to do ur course its make me very attractive but in indian price it is 3000+ and i cant afford that much plz let me know the other option i can have

  2. My name is Ashleigh I’m a 24 year old female that lives alone
    I saw this video that was put out watched the whole thing and it sucked me in, only cause that I have had the worst luck with men I have struggled for years to have men show the same affection that I desperately am looking for.

    With that being said I bought what you were offering even though I was so tight for cash I couldn’t even buy groceries, but for some reason the answer to having men fall head over heels for me I thought that companionship is worth more to me then food.

    I looked at my bank statement and sadly it shows that on twice on the same day $53.81 so I paid your company $107.62. If I knew that that was how much I had to pay I wouldn’t have done that.
    Please could you restate me the second transaction of $53.81?

    Ashleigh Salmon

  3. Hi, I had purchased the program but must have had a problem downloading it. Is there a way I can get the info to to download the program again? Make him Desire you.
    Thank You, Shannon

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