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Me & My Wife Sailing

Hello and welcome to Make Him Desire You. My name Is Christian and I am a creating this blog for women…why?

Why would a women listen to some old guy when it comes to making a man desire her? Why not some hip, young, worldly woman?

If you think about it, listening to guys like me makes a lot of sense. First of all I am a guy, so I know what makes guys desire woman and secondly, I have been around the block more than once and have observed the common themes that ring true about men’s desires regardless of the day in age. Lastly, I have no horse in this race and I am old enough to be pretty secure, so I am willing to spill the beans about what men think and feel when it comes to women and life in general.

For instance, do you know what most men fear the most? Do you know what men most desire in a women. Hint: It is not a “hot look” for the long run. Do you know how to read a man? Hint: you can not read a man like you would another woman. All of these things I know and am willing to tell, so stay tuned and get ready to learn about men and how to make them desire you. Christian Walker

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