3 Ridiculous Ways to Make Him Want You Bad

make him desire you crazy techniquesOkay, get ready for three crazy ways to make him desire you, in fact, it will drive him nuts about you.  These three crazy techniques to make him want you may seem counter intuitive, but give them a try and then stand back and see what happens.

Way #1—Trigger a sense of good discomfort in his mind.

“Wait a minute! His discomfort will help me how?  This seems to be just the opposite of what I thought I should do!”

Men are programmed to desire what they have to hunt for!  They are born hunters and warriors, so if they don’t have to strive for it…they won’t value it as much and that goes for the women they seek.  In fact if you are to easy to get, they’ll lose interest and if you go after them, they’ll run like the dickens.

If you really want him to desire you, then learn to create a certain amount of uncertainty— I know, that is somewhat of an oxymoron.

make him want you bad drinkI am not talking about you ignoring him completely and hoping he will actually chase you, that idea is a belief that shipwrecks many woman’s attempt to get the man they want to want them.

You need to do a little flirting so he’ll recognize you are interested in him. Then pull the plug a little on him and then flirt a little more.  This will drive him nuts! Give him a sip of pleasure and then mix in a little discomfort.

This cocktail awakens the hunter instinct  in him. In a nutshell,  you make him really feel 90 % satisfaction combined with 10 % uncertainty as to your feelings for him.

There’s a really easy formula that I’ll show you in a moment. but first lets me finish with my make-him-want-you cocktail recipe.

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This cocktail can awaken an extreme sense of desire within a male’s brain that is simply hard for him to regulate. In other words, Just like a hunter catching wind of a fleeing deer, It makes him want to pursue you like crazy.  If he is your ex it will make him miss you and want you back. His emotional intensity is suddenly ratcheted up and he feels this hot, raw, extreme passion for you bubbling up in his body and you become irreplaceable to him. This cocktail works so well because it is awakening his masculinity and triggering his pleasure hormones.

Sure, it sounds a bit weird right now, but like I said, I’ll show you easily and exactly how to accomplish all of this. Before that, however, allow me to get to our second weird way to make him want you bad!.

Way #2—Re-frame his perspective: Make him want you bad!

Isn’t it frustrating when you look around and see guys that go completely nuts over a specific woman despite the fact that she’s NOT that good looking or seems all that smart? Did you ever see some great looking guy with a woman who isn’t that well put together and think, what ‘s with that? She isn’t that pretty or unique is she?

The crucial point to keep in mind here is that from your perspective, she may not be that unique or eye-catching but the man is viewing her via an entirely different perspective. He’s giving her points based on things that you may not have considered at all.  What you need to understand is re-framing!  

The fact is, all man are not just knuckle dragging glands waiting to be expressed. You need to re-frame yourself for them man you want to have desire you re-framing to make him desire youand the good news is that you could use re-framing to make him want you bad, and make him find you super appealing, exceptionally unique and alluring.

If you think you do not look as hot as some of the ladies around you or you think you are not that smart then think again.

Think: re-framing It works like this, by making only minor changes in yourself, you can make a man desire you and assume that you are among one of the most appealing ladies he’s ever found, and not only that, you could actually make him see you as this unique, long-shot female he would be very fortunate to have in his life.

I am going to reveal a secret about men that will allow you to re-frame yourself in his mind and make him desire you as his only possible and ideal selection. Before we do this let’s move on to the last weird way to get him to want you.

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Way #3—Make Him Desire You: Appeal to the masculine part of him.

make him desire you like a cavemenEvery man is born with a protector reaction, his task in the “very early caveman days” involved among other things, protecting his mate and family.

Our society seems to freak at the mere hint of masculinity.   I guess it is left over from the 60’s, but sadly it is still true.  Most men have been beaten down to a feminine pulp by our modern society.  But biology won’t be denied and most woman , even if they don’t realize it, really want a masculine man.  Not a macho man, but a truly masculine one.

Awaken this masculine component of a male completely and he would feel a gut need to make you secure and safe. It makes him do almost anything for you. When this part awakens, he will want to do things for you, he’ll want to take care of you and be accountable for your well being.

Woman don’t realize how much a men want to please them.  It is built into our DNA.  Many ladies make the mistake of thinking that to get a man to love them, they ought to do a great deal of dressing to the nines, appearing hot and sexy, etc.  The reality is that too much of this may really repulse him just like an over-muscled macho man repulses most woman.

Because every male is birthed as a hunter, he is, at his very core a provider.  Understanding this and allowing him to fulfill his instincts will awaken his desire for you and make him want you bad. I

can hear you say, “alright I recognize that I need to give him some discomfort in his thoughts, re-frame his thinking and awaken the masculine part of him but I am still a little baffled considering that I don’t understand specifically just what to do.”

Okay, like I promised, here is a quick video that will reveal a quick and simple way to accomplish all of this.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “3 Ridiculous Ways to Make Him Want You Bad

  1. I think the best way to make a man want you bad is telling him he looks good today,etc. Man love hearing things they want to hear … I mean who doesn’t!?

    1. This is true only if done correctly. If you make a man feel like you are just saying things because he loves to hear them, then it will blow up in your face. On the other hand, if you tell men the things that you truly admire about them and are sincere, then it will go a long ways. Even then, this is only the opening salvo in getting a man wrapped around your little finger.

      Men are hardwired to please there woman. The woman only has to know how to nurture this natural desire in a man and they can by becoming a “man whisperer”.

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