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2 Major Things Men are Scared of and What You Should Do About It.

There ain’t no way in a very hot place that any guy will tell you this…

capture his heartIf he knew about this article, he’d be dying to read it but there is no way he’d ever let you catch him reading it and he doesn’t want his deepest insecurity hanging out on the line like his old underwear in plain view.

Like I said, he ain’t gonna’ spill the beans…BUT I am!

First let me issue you a warning…well, maybe 2 warnings.

The 1st  warning is that these two items are not by any means a complete list of his insecurities—trust me on this one.

Secondly, I am not revealing these 2 insecurities so you can shame him or use it against him.  If you do, it’ll reveals more about your than it does about him.  I am telling you this because you can use the information to make him worship the ground you walk on.

Okay, so lets dig some dirt…

Man Insecurity #1: My physical desires are NOT normal

Now I am not about to go into the old tale about men wanting sex a lot more than women.  The fact is, both men and women like sex, but they arrive at it from totally different directions and for to satisfy different needs. Men are not just glands waiting to be expressed and sex meets a need they have that has nothing to do with popular culture’s portrayal of the subject.

Healthy sexual activity makes a man feel self-confident and boosts his ego. Women meet intimacy needs via sexual activity.

Men think about sex a lot in part because it is gushing out of every media orifice in the west.  It saturates shows, advertising, magazines and every other aspect of popular culture. There is a never-ending seduction of the male mind going on in the western world.

Inside his head, a guy is convinced that he actually obsess on sex way too much, or in perverted ways. His sex drive is hard enough to control without the constant bombardment of the media sirens. The fact that the western male can control all of this to the extent he does is actually a testament to his desire to be a decent person and how much self-control he actually does posses.

What YOU can do to help him and make him desire only you

Create a safe place for him to share his fears and thoughts with you without judgement. Help him understand that he is not just a sex-crazed zombie—unless he actually is, then RUN!

Become the star of his fantasies in as much as you are comfortable doing so. Go on a journey of discovery together. Finally, let him know when you are sexually satisfied! This is very powerful because he is wired to want to please you. Do this and he is going to become so attracted to you that he will never want to let you go. EVERY guy loves it when he can sexually satisfy a woman.

Man Insecurity #2: Other men will think I’m weak

capture his heartYou should pity the men of our western world. They need to make decent bank, make their women feel secure and desired, (quit obsessing on sex while being fed it ALL of the time), be good at sports, be on a winning team, be mentally and physically tough, overcome all the problems they face, kick ass when it comes to the bad guy, and never show tiredness or insecurity, fear, or any other weakness, only except sheer strength and confidence.

It’s a lot to live up to! It’s impossible to live up to, actually…

…And still, that’s what men feel is expected of them every single minute. If they don’t live up to the measure—actually DOMINATE it—they feel shame and self-loathing. The funny thing is that they don’t feel shame because of women as much as they do because of other men whom they mistakenly think have it all together.

What YOU can do to help him

You have the power to change this, because even more powerful than his sex drive and more coveted than beauty is a woman who is whole heatedly ON HIS SIDE. The more you show him that you admire him for who he is, warts and all, the more he will become wildly devoted to you.

Here’s what you need to answer: if your man is struggling with all of his heart on the field of life, do you show up at his games? When you do, does he register your enthusiasm and real support of him?

Relax, we are not talking literally putting your cheerleader outfit on and waving your pom-poms but there are fast and easy ways to let him know you admire him and you got his back. Just click the button below to find out.

Let him know it is safe to talk daily battles and be patient because it may take a while for him to open up. Lean in and listen as he talks, but don’t expect a lot of minute details—remember he is a guy. Don’t ask for a lot details just prompt him with questions that let him know you are on his side. Be his raving fan.

Offer really sincere admiration because guys need admiration as much as women need to be desired. Let him understand how strong you think he is, how great you think his accomplishments and abilities are. If you are sincere and communicate that to him, he will be your devoted lover for life.

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