Make Him Desire You, Trigger His Pleasure Hormone

If you trigger a guy’s pleasure hormones, he will obsessively desire you. He can’t help it. He will only desire you, no other women will do and it is really simple to do. In a minute I will show you how but first let me explain what pleasure hormones are.closequote

What’s Pleasure Hormones?

make him want youAlright ,so you sit there and watch a guy at an online casino or any place guys are betting and he cannot seem to quit betting even when he is losing his hard-earned money? Why is he doing that?

His rational mind can understands that he is shedding cash like a Golden Retriever sheds fur in the summer but he goes completely nuts and can’t stop himself. (By the way, avoid this guy.)

What makes this so?

This is due to the fact that throughout the gambling process, this guy’s brain experiences a hefty rise of hormones usually referred to as the “pleasure hormones.” These hormones are so habit forming that all logic  fails the guy and he keeps going, obeying the instructions of the hormones instead of reason.

Use This To Make Him Desire You

make him desire youFortunately, you have the ability to cause these exact same “pleasure hormones” in a guy’s brain, and make him feel practically an irrepressible dependence on you, much like the gambler depends on the rush he gets from betting and it is not that hard to do—like I promised, I’ll show you but first let me explain what this will do to him.

When you do this to him, the next thing you’ll know is every time you’re around him, he will experience emotions such as Love, well-being, enjoyment and that will make  him want you like a child craves candy.

He is going to feel such a strong inner desire for you that it will send out a shock rippling through him that will compel him to have a virtually, naturally driven desire for you.

He will continuously be mentally famished for you and you will be his nourishment. You will come to be the source of his psychological satisfaction. Without you, he will be like fish without water. He will desire you.

Make Him Obsess Over You

Triggering his pleasure hormones will make him desire you so deeply that no other female will be able to satisfy this extreme inner urge he’s experiencing, and as an outcome he will have no other female to go to…unless it is you.

He will subconsciously feel prompts to do good things for you; actually, he will find it a great pleasure to make you satisfied.

And not simply this, you will come to be so important to him, that he will subconsciously believe you’re 100 times more interesting, than any other woman around.

So now you must be questioning, just how do I do it? As I promised, here’s how, follow this link …

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Make Him Desire You

“If you would like to make HIM  desire you And go nuts over you, then this is the most important page you may ever read!”

What is “Make Him Desire You” all about?make him desire you

This system is designed to give you the ability to make any guy you want, desire you.  It is a pretty well known fact that men and women speak different emotional and romantic languages, so if you want to make him desire you, you need to speak his language. Once you crack that code making any guy desire you will be a breeze.  That is what “Make Him Desire You” is all about.

What Makes “Make Him Desire You” different from all of the other relationship systems?

In one word, RESULTS.  Make Him Desire You gets results fast.  Where other books get into theory and psychology, providing you with generalities about how to deal with men, Make Him Desire You is a concrete, step by step guide that gets you fast results. It quickly teaches you how to “speak” the language and drive any guy crazy with desire for YOU.

Why Should You Read Make Him Desire You?

The honest truth is, you shouldn’t unless you want to make a guy desire you.  In that case it is really good way to learn…

  • How to become emotionally in tune with a guy
  • How to establish yourself as a very valuable asset in his mind
  • How to trigger pleasure hormones in his body
  • Seemingly ridiculous  tricks to make him ache with pure love for you

I should warn you that this material shouldn’t be used as a toy, it is powerful and is intended to be used to establish a long-lasting relationship that you can always keep fresh using these techniques.

Who Will Benefit Most By Make Him Desire You

Lady’s who want to have a guy not only love them, but desire them.  This could be someone who you are dating, someone you broke up with and wish to have back, or it could be someone you are already married to but your relationship lacks the passion and spark it once had. In short Make Him Desire You  is for any lady who wants a man to desire them, not just want to hang around with them, but desire them with a burning passionate love.

The Good And Bad Of Make Him Desire You


  • There is not a hard copy of the material so you need a computer to read it.
  • It can be miss-used because the information is so powerful


  • Make Him Desire You  reveals the secret to how men think and how women can use this knowledge to create a powerful response in them. (They are a lot less complex creatures than women)
  • It gives you the power to not only kindle or rekindle passion, but to keep it going for a very long time to come.
  • It will allow you to get almost any man to desire you rather than you just waiting on the side lines.

The Bottom Line

Make Him Desire You Is a formula that unlocks the power for you to make HIM desire you.  It is designed for women with an honest desire for a long-term relationship that is passionate and exciting. As with any formula, you must put it into action or you get nothing.  If you are looking for a magic potion, or spell that will make a man love you without you putting any effort into it, then leave this page now, because this formula, as powerful as it is, still requires commitment and action from you to make it work. If, on the other hand, you would like a no-nonsense guide on how to make HIM desire you and you are willing to put what you learn into action then Make Him Desire You is definitely for you.

Next… Make Him Desire You

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Top 10 Scientific Things That Make A Person Attractive

10 Uh?

pigkissHumans produce pheromones from our genitals, nipples, and underarms. No one really knows if we humans respond to these pheromones the way the rest of the animal world does but scientists tried them out on pigs and it worked for them. This makes you wonder if we might end up getting the wrong animal to desire us.

9. Love at fast sight?

You’ve got between 90 seconds to 4 minutes to make someone desire you. At least that is what psychologists tell us. And if you think you can use your witty banter to attract someone, think again. Within 90 seconds to 4 minutes you’re desirability is based on 88% your body language, tone and speed of your voice and only 7% is based on the words you say.

8. Love is in the brain

So what exactly makes us attracted to someone? A bunch of neurotransmitters in the brain called “monoamines” that produce all of the feelings we associate with love. We are talking things like a decrease in appetite or a need for sleep, because we are obsessed with someone.

7. Desire is in the numbers

Believe it or not Attractiveness is a mathematical ration and faces that are mathematically average are the most attractive.  Now we are not talking average in the usual way, we are talking average in mathematical terms. In other words the closer your ears, eyes and nose are positioned on your face according to an average ratio the more attractive you are. As an example, the space between the eyes and mouth should be about 36% of the overall length of the face, but the span of the eyes are best at 46% of the overall width of your face. These ratios apply to the body as well. Hip-waist ratios are part of a person’s ‘attractiveness’ as well.

6. Biology, psychology and culture

These factors attract us to specific types of people. Fischer in her books, Anatomy of Love, Why We Love, and Why Him? Why Her? states that there are 4 types of people.

  • Explorers (creative and dominated by dopamine)
  • Builder (sensible and soaked in serotonin)
  • Director (reasoning and ruled by testosterone)
  • Negotiator (intuitive, idealistic, and all about the estrogen and oxytocin)

5. Love makes you high.

Fall in love and a person experiences the same euphoria that cocaine produces. Scientists using MRI scans show that the neural network linked to cocaine use is activated when a person is in love.

4. Love Doesn’t Hurt

Want to be less vulnerable to pain then fall in love. Dr. Arthur Aron, a psychology professor at the State University of New York of Stony Brook, said, “It turns out that some of the areas of the brain activated by feelings of intense love are the same areas that drugs use to reduce pain.”

3. Details, details, details

red_blueIt turns out that desire is all about small details! A person’s voice, pants color, hair and stuff like that jas a huge impact on a person’s attractiveness.

For example studies indicate that guys prefer women that have higher voices and higher voices are indicators of elevated levels of estrogen. On the other hand, women desire men with low voices and you guessed it, that is linked to higher testosterone levels.

Another example is that guys were attracted to women wearing red rather than women in blue; red is supposed to be a signal for sexual excitability.

In another study, women seemed to be attracted to men with a 5 o’clock shadow rather than a shaven face.

2. What keeps a man home?

Just 3% to 5% of other mammals are monogamous with their partners. So what would drive a man to have a monogamous relationship?

University of Bonn in Germany has an answer.  According to them, physical activities involved in a steady relationship such as cuddling, massages, sexual intercourse, etc. produce Oxytocin in guys. Guys can get addicted to that oxytocin and stay home for the “fix” their lover gives.

1. Love at first sight takes 8.2 seconds

This may be a crazy fact, but if when a guy first looks at you and he looks at you for at least 8.2 seconds.  The research shows that men who are attracted to a women will look at her for at least 8.2 seconds when he first sees her.  Less than that and your chances drop off.  Interestingly this does not hold true for women.

Make Him Desire You: What You Are Missing

quoteSome say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.closequote

how to make him desire youDo you feel invisible  to that certain guy you wish would want you? Would you like to know a way to make him to desire you without risk of rejection? Would you like to learn how to keep his desire for you burning hot for a long time to come? Would you like him to have eyes for you only?

The problem is that so often the guy you wish would desire you either doesn’t seem to know you exist or there seems to be no way to go beyond friendship with him.  No matter how many signals you give, he is blind to them and you don’t want to push too hard because then he’ll probably run.  Plus, you don’t want to be that “desperate” woman who chases men.

Psychiatrist Eric Berne writes in his book “Sex in Human Loving that “Some say that one-sided love is better than none, but like half a loaf of bread, it is likely to grow hard and moldy sooner.”  Some people say that the solutions is to just forget it and move on.  But that is easier said than done because love is something that is not easily controlled.

Can You Make Him Desire You?

There is another possibility and that is to make him desire you.  “Is that possible,” I can hear you say.

make him want youThe answer to that is that there are certain women that can and do make men fall all over themselves to get their attention.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not merely “hot looks”.  In fact, in a recent survey of guys the number one thing they first noticed in a woman was eye contact.  Yes, you heard it right, eye contact.

Next came the way she carried herself.  Confidence and a great sense of humor and fun were highly prized by men and they found these traits extremely sexy.  In fact, a recent study indicated that women were more visual than men when it came to checking each other out.

So, the fact is, if you could learn the secret of how these women make men desire them, you certainly can make a man desire you.

Make Him Desire You Secrets Watch This Video <<Click Now

Make Him Want You: Six Powerful Steps

#1 Looking Busy Makes Him Want You

What ever you do, don’t let him think you are pining away the hours waiting for him to call you—even if you are. Now is the time to take up a hobby or busy yourself in someway that doesn’t include him.

Make sure he knows how busy you are and how full-filled your life is. This alone will pique his interest in you and make him want you all the more.

#2 Like Water Off a Ducks Back

water Even if his lack of attention bothers you, shrug it off as fare as he is concerned. Whining to him about his lack of attention will get you one thing—less attention.

Don’t ever start in on him about the way things used to be or ask him why things aren’t the way they used to be. Men HATE relationship questions.

Remember that hormones will drive the first part of any relationship, but relationships are not static. They progress and just like the seasons change with time, so does a relationship.

This means that there should come a time, naturally, where you are both comfortable enough and secure enough that you don’t need to be with each other 24/7

#3 Tease Him

Click —> Make Him Desire You Full Ebook

Look, men are visual and once you understand what his turn ones are, you’re going to havemake_him_want_you him wanting you all the time. Surprise him when he comes home by wearing something sexy.

Experiment with things, starting with things that make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, it will probably translate to him.

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but believe me they missed a little bit north on that one.

Women have the power in any relationship if they only understand how to wield it. Men will melt at the skillful touch of a woman.

This is one of the most misunderstood truisms about the relationship between men and women.

#4 Look Ma’velous Dahling

No matter what your body size or shape, look your best. This will communicate to him the type of person you are. Plus, there is that visual thing with men that I have already mentioned. Looking your best will definitely help him want you.

#5 Grab The Bull By The…Horns

Don’t always just sit and wait for him to take the initiative. Try leaving a note for him to meet bull you at a favorite restaurant with “fun to follow.”

Surprise him with a costume and roll playing. These are only two things you can do, but you need to make sure you know him well enough to pull this off. Once you do he is going to want you even more.

This technique can really be powerful but it can backfire if you are not well prepared and understand what turns him on. Use it carefully.

#6 Bring The Ego Pump

Most men have alarmingly deflated egos and they constantly hide this fact from women. So, observe him and make mental notes about what he is proud of. Make mental notes about what you genuinely admire about him. Then drop compliments about these things. The secret is to be genuine and not over do it. One or two compliments will suffice.

Guys will claim they need “guy time”, a time to be with their buddies of by themselves. This may be true and you can just leave it at that or you can light such a fire in him that his “guy time” all but vanishes! You can do this with out nagging him about your relationship.

To do this, just let him see you confident independent side. Not in a revengeful way, but in a natural way. If he sees a confident sexy girl willingly walking away from him to do something else, it’s going to awaken the hunter in him and make him want you bad.

These six important ways to make him want you are just the beginning of a powerful technique to make him obsessively desire you.


Chris is a freelance writer and life coach.  You can learn how to make him desire you at


Remote Control His Desire For You

Can you actually ignite your relationship with messages you text to him?


Do you believe you “don’t have time for romance?” Romance coach Michael Fiore assumes you’re wrong, as a matter of fact, he claims he can show you how you can bring all the love, love as well as desire you’re missing with the man you want, simply by pushing a couple of buttons on the cellular phone you have in your pocket or handbag right now.

“Digital Desire Starter”

“Text messages are a lot like telepathy when you think of it” states Fiore.  “Just by pressing a few buttons on your mobile phone you could produce a personal little fantasy world of desire in him for you where you can do or say anything without anyone else knowing.”

He Made Rachael Tingle

Rachael-Ray-Mike-on-set-largeMichael Fiore as with his Text The Romance Technique have actually been featured on national television and radio including appearing on “The Rachael Ray Program” on Valentine’s Day, where just one of Michael’s “Magic” messages texted to Rachael made her feel “tingles” and also had the whole audience oohing and ahhing.

Go watch this brief video clip to find out the best ways to use small little text messages to bring the spark and also power back into your relationship (also if the man you want is a “Charming” and never seems to desire you then make him desire you with text messages…I’m not kidding. This program has helped thousands of women around the globe make him desire them, and Michael Fiore ensures it will certainly help you.

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3 Easy Steps To Make Him Want You Bad

steinInsanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Yes, you can get that guy to notice you.  You can stop wondering why he doesn’t desire you.  In fact, you can become quite popular with guys but you have to stop doing what you’ve been doing since it isn’t working.

Look, in a minute, I will show you how you can easily get him to want you bad but first let me explain something.

Make Him Want You Bad by Reinvention

make him want you reinventI want you to restart and reinvent yourself  It is not as hard as you might expect since you can start with how you view yourself.  Just because he doesn’t seem to want you bad, isn’t your fault and you can do some crazy things to change this scenario.

To start making him want you, understand how men think and what they want.  It is much more simple and basic than most women think and once you understand this, you can begin to flip his desire switches one by one.  Women always have more power in relationships than men.

Visit How To Read a Man Here

Men are Hunters by Nature

Ask a trusted friend how they think you act around the guy you would like to want you.  Are you making yourself too available, are you making him feel pursued? As painful as this can be it is important to understand what vibe you give off around the men you are interested in.

Men are the hunters by nature, so when a woman is to much of a hunter a man will feel threatened and run.

On the other hand, if you are coy and play hard-to-get it will awaken the hunter in the man and make him pursue you like crazy.  Its like dangling a feather in front of a cat, they can’t help going after it.  The first step to making him obsess over you is to subtly let him know you are interested and yet remain apparently disinterested in him. THIS WILL DRIVE HIM NUTS.

Click here to learn how easy it is to do this.<—-Go Here

Genuinely Admire Him To Get Him To Want You Bad

Men love to be admired whereas women love to be desired.  So if you can make a man feel admired, he will be attracted to you.  The trick is to observe and discover what your man is most proud of and find ways to slip in genuine compliments.

Maybe it is his motorcycle or he may be into rebuilding cars.  Whatever it is find something about it make a genuine compliment about it.  Don’t overdo this.  Scarcity is what makes things valuable so if you drown him in compliments, this whole strategy could backfire.

Click Here —> to see how you can use this to make him crave you. 

Make Him Obsessively Desire You By Being Rare

make him desire you by being rareWhat makes silver so much more precious than chrome?  Think about it, a chrome tea set will never rust or tarnish and it stays shiny with minimum effort, yet it cost a lot less than sliver. Why?

Rarity is the answer.  Sliver is very rare compared to chrome and therefore it commands a much higher price.  This is what you must become to him and hi will desire to have you more than all of the rest of the women in his life.  They may be chrome, but you are silver to him.

I am not talking about letting him see you rarely but about becoming a women that he has rarely seen and experienced.  This will make him need you like he needs to breath.  The thoughts of you will shut out the thoughts of other women and you will become his every thought.

This is not as hard as you might think.  You can see how in this video.

re-framing to make him desire youIn short if you can learn to re-frame yourself in his mind as desirable and give him genuine compliments to stroke his ego, you will find him going mad over you.  Then to really stoke his fire become something rare and precious in his sight.  It is not as hard as you might think.

Get started with this video. <—Click Now

not dumb please

Make Who Desire You?

What Physical Features Do Women Find Most Attractive In Men?

So you want him to want you, but who is he? What does he look like?  While it is true that women are not as visual as men, they are not blind.

What physical features does a man have to have in order for you to want him to desire you.  Take our survey and see how you stack up against what other women want in a man that they hope wants them.

So, how did you stack up?  If you think you have the right guy that you want to desire you and he has all the right parts.  I invite you to read my review of Alex Carter’s book Make Him Desire You.

capture his heart

2 Major Things Men are Scared of and What You Should Do About It.

There ain’t no way in a very hot place that any guy will tell you this…

capture his heartIf he knew about this article, he’d be dying to read it but there is no way he’d ever let you catch him reading it and he doesn’t want his deepest insecurity hanging out on the line like his old underwear in plain view.

Like I said, he ain’t gonna’ spill the beans…BUT I am!

First let me issue you a warning…well, maybe 2 warnings.

The 1st  warning is that these two items are not by any means a complete list of his insecurities—trust me on this one.

Secondly, I am not revealing these 2 insecurities so you can shame him or use it against him.  If you do, it’ll reveals more about your than it does about him.  I am telling you this because you can use the information to make him worship the ground you walk on.

Okay, so lets dig some dirt…

Man Insecurity #1: My physical desires are NOT normal

Now I am not about to go into the old tale about men wanting sex a lot more than women.  The fact is, both men and women like sex, but they arrive at it from totally different directions and for to satisfy different needs. Men are not just glands waiting to be expressed and sex meets a need they have that has nothing to do with popular culture’s portrayal of the subject.

Healthy sexual activity makes a man feel self-confident and boosts his ego. Women meet intimacy needs via sexual activity.

Men think about sex a lot in part because it is gushing out of every media orifice in the west.  It saturates shows, advertising, magazines and every other aspect of popular culture. There is a never-ending seduction of the male mind going on in the western world.

Inside his head, a guy is convinced that he actually obsess on sex way too much, or in perverted ways. His sex drive is hard enough to control without the constant bombardment of the media sirens. The fact that the western male can control all of this to the extent he does is actually a testament to his desire to be a decent person and how much self-control he actually does posses.

What YOU can do to help him and make him desire only you

Create a safe place for him to share his fears and thoughts with you without judgement. Help him understand that he is not just a sex-crazed zombie—unless he actually is, then RUN!

Become the star of his fantasies in as much as you are comfortable doing so. Go on a journey of discovery together. Finally, let him know when you are sexually satisfied! This is very powerful because he is wired to want to please you. Do this and he is going to become so attracted to you that he will never want to let you go. EVERY guy loves it when he can sexually satisfy a woman.

Man Insecurity #2: Other men will think I’m weak

capture his heartYou should pity the men of our western world. They need to make decent bank, make their women feel secure and desired, (quit obsessing on sex while being fed it ALL of the time), be good at sports, be on a winning team, be mentally and physically tough, overcome all the problems they face, kick ass when it comes to the bad guy, and never show tiredness or insecurity, fear, or any other weakness, only except sheer strength and confidence.

It’s a lot to live up to! It’s impossible to live up to, actually…

…And still, that’s what men feel is expected of them every single minute. If they don’t live up to the measure—actually DOMINATE it—they feel shame and self-loathing. The funny thing is that they don’t feel shame because of women as much as they do because of other men whom they mistakenly think have it all together.

What YOU can do to help him

You have the power to change this, because even more powerful than his sex drive and more coveted than beauty is a woman who is whole heatedly ON HIS SIDE. The more you show him that you admire him for who he is, warts and all, the more he will become wildly devoted to you.

Here’s what you need to answer: if your man is struggling with all of his heart on the field of life, do you show up at his games? When you do, does he register your enthusiasm and real support of him?

Relax, we are not talking literally putting your cheerleader outfit on and waving your pom-poms but there are fast and easy ways to let him know you admire him and you got his back. Just click the button below to find out.

Let him know it is safe to talk daily battles and be patient because it may take a while for him to open up. Lean in and listen as he talks, but don’t expect a lot of minute details—remember he is a guy. Don’t ask for a lot details just prompt him with questions that let him know you are on his side. Be his raving fan.

Offer really sincere admiration because guys need admiration as much as women need to be desired. Let him understand how strong you think he is, how great you think his accomplishments and abilities are. If you are sincere and communicate that to him, he will be your devoted lover for life.

Get Started Below!

How Well Do You Know Men?

know men1. A lot of women assume men will skip over them for the super slim looking woman.

The truth is, most men think the these slim girls would look better with an extra 15 pounds or so on them.

2. Women often do not know what men desire in a woman and they mistakenly think it is solely their appearance.

The truth is, men are super attracted to women who make them feel respected and admired.  If you create these feelings in a man you will have him wrapped around your little finger.

3. Women feel like men don’t care how they look and this bothers them because it reflects poorly them.

The truth is, men do worry about their looks, especially their physiques and they do need reassurance from time to time.

4. Women tend to think that men are egotistical.

The secret here is that many times what woman say to men makes them feel disrespected and not admired and this in turn makes a man insecure and he overcompensates.  This can make them appear egotistical.   Men have know that they should never disparage a woman’s appearance.  If you want to turn off a man disparage a his abilities.

5. Women often feel that their appearance is what makes them desirable to a man.

The truth is most men feel a pair of jeans and mussed up hair is just as much a turn on as pumps and cosmetics. This is also true about body size and shape.  Men are not monolithic in their tastes and, like I said before, if you admire him and make him feel respected, he’s going to adore you.

6. Do men really tell you the truth about the way they feel you look?

Sometimes, but they will never tell you the truth when you ask them how they feel about the way a certain piece of clothes makes you look.  When you ask this, they only answer the question honestly in their heads.  They are going to say out loud what they think you want to here.

7. Men are just impossible to figure out.

The truth is, they are really pretty easy to figure.  The fact is, they are trying all of the time to live up to your expectations and not  their male friend’s expectations.  The more direct you are in expressing what you’d like the more you will get what you like.  Stop being coy about it.

8. Many women believe that men are not romantic

We men won’t always admit it, but we like candle lit baths with soft music almost as much as you women do, especially if you are taking it with us.

9.  Women think all men want is sex.

“Sure, we guys think about it more than women, but we don’t desire it for just the physical pleasure. For us, it isn’t as much about intimacy as it is for women, but it does meet our emotional need for self-confidence.”

10. Women think men are crazy for not asking for directions.
Men want to be challenged by figuring it out by themselves. It adds to their self esteem and gives them a sense of usefulness.

11. Women often feel men don’t listen to them.Do you know men?

Men listen to women but not the way women listen to each other.  Men want the “Reader’s Digest” version because they deal in facts and solutions whereas women put great stock in the talking part.  For women the act of listening is a form of intimacy, for men solving problems is the way they show caring and love.

12. Women can’t figure out why some men struggle when a baby is born in their family.

Men can feel abandoned by their wives when a baby comes into the picture.  Sure, this is probably immature but it is still true for some men.